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Welcome to Opening Borders!

Choose the modality that best suits your needs:

Monthly Fee of 3, 7 or 10€

One-time donation , of the amount you want. You just have to click on  this link  and fill in the data.

If you are a company:

-Financing the Abriendo Fronteras project that you like the most, whether monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

-Finance one or more of our projects by making a single donation.

-Solidarity product: allocate a percentage of one of the products you sell to Abriendo Fronteras or charge 1, 3 or 5 euros more for it and donate that amount to our association.

-Make a material donation


Other ways to help: Find out here about the volunteers available at Abriendo Fronteras

  • How can I become a member?
    It's very simple. Click here and fill in the data. We will send you a confirmation email
  • Do I have some kind of permanence?
    No, you can be a member of Abriendo Fronteras for as long as you want.
  • How can i drop out?
    Send us an mail and we will automatically unsubscribe you.
  • How can I know where the money I donate is going?
    In our transparency portal you will find all the justifications related to the management of resources.
  • Can I change the amount of my installment?
    Of course, whether you want to donate a larger amount or a smaller amount, you can modify your preference in the following link.
  • Why become a member?
    You are demonstrating your commitment to social change, helping migrants become autonomous and independent speakers with our Spanish and literacy classes. Thanks to you, children in vulnerable situations have Christmas gifts, because we organize deliveries of clothes and toys. You are promoting education, because we give reinforcement classes and school support to children with special educational needs. Giving access to psychological therapies, since the Asociación Solidez collaborates with Abriendo Fronteras. You are giving access to the world of work thanks to the entities with which we collaborate, among others, the Adecco Foundation . If you are a member of Abriendo Fronteras, you remind us that our work is important and you give us strength to continue in our fight to achieve a fair society. Thank you for your support.
  • Can I be a member and also make a one-time donation?"
    Of course, it is perfectly compatible
  • Is there a minimum quantity?
    No, the amount you contribute is your decision.
  • Can I choose which project or activity to allocate my donation to?
    Sure, you just have to specify it when making the donation.
No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Elige tu donación

  • Abre Fronteras por

    Every month
    ¡Gracias por tu aportación!
    • Donación mensual por valor de 3 euros
  • Abre Fronteras por

    Every month
    ¡Gracias por tu aportación!
    • Donación mensual por valor de 7 euros
  • Abre Fronteras por

    Every month
    ¡Gracias por tu aportación!
    • Donación mensual por valor de 10 euros
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